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Our French Trainings 

Absolutely Swiss is a French school which offers playful lessons on the principle of "learning by doing". A large part of the learning delivered to learners involves speaking during face-to-face French lessons.

Part of learning French is done during  
"play". The "plays" are role-playing
games and various real-life scenarios
practiced in small committees. this kind
of staging is a way of teaching expat  
spouses some formulations that will be 
useful to them in their daily life. They focus on the cultural differenciation as well as target the administration's websites and the behaviour to adopted 

The organisation of strolls for our learners is part of the training offered. The strolls are visits in Geneva and Lausanne to help our learners discover more about Swiss history and culture. We take this opportunity to present places that will be important for their integration in their adopted country.


The training is also completed by cooking lessons. Learners then have the opportunity to learn more about the customs and culinary culture of the country while improving their practice of French. They discover the gastronomic culture as well as a focused vocabulary which can help them in shops, daily life, etc...


point memorisation fin de cours.jpg
Découverte de Paris- Absolutely French -
cook- learn french-aumoniere.jpg

Finally, in order to solidify their knowledge and to deal in depth with reading and writing, learners have access to an E-learning platform.


Expats with a job have tailor-made training adapted to their working


hours. Classes are therefore generally done in the evening with activities


on weekends. He also taught expatriates the particularities of the working


world in Switzerland in order to facilitate their integration as much as



Expat partner

Most of the time, expatriate spouses who follow their partner to a


new country find themselves unemployed. It is by knowing this issue


that we decided to support the spouses of expatriates in the creation


of their expatriation project in Switzerland (professional or personal).


This support is provided by helping to write the CV and cover letter


or by training in job interviews.

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