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From Absolutely French to Swiss

Our adventure began 5 years ago in France, our goal was to facilitate the integration of spouses of


impatriates who have recently arrived in France. Over the years, our team has been built around

values ​​such as kindness, listening and creativity.


We offer our learners French language instruction based on the principle of “learning by doing”.

We do our


best to vary the methods in order to offer fun and innovative language learning (cooking classes,


educational walks, role-playing games).




Much more than a language training center, Absolutely French is above all an integration center



impatriate spouses have the opportunity to take part in a real community, to create a network


and even to

consider a professional career. .

After 5 great years of supporting our learners in their discovery of French culture, we thought it


was time to

offer our services in another French-speaking country, Switzerland.

A whole new adventure begins now for us and for our future Absolus (learners of Absolutely


Swiss) in the


land of watchmaking and chocolate.

Absolutely Swiss Goal

Empathy, transmission of knowledge and warmth.

Integrate your expat partners in Swiss, to be autonomous and to define their expatriation project.

Through French courses dedicated to them, with treasure hunts in Genève/Lausanne, lots of games, and a great place to learn in immersion: a Swiss home.

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