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You will find here the articles of our blog, classified by category according to your needs,

These articles are all to help you during your expatriation in France, Paris or elsewhere:


Testimonials from expatriate spouses: about their adventures in France or abroad, because their experience can be useful during your expatriation.

Parisian life includes interviews of service providers we met and that we liked more! As well as places to know (unusual cinemas, the best bakeries...), must-have applications in Paris and much more!

Articles by our founder, an expatriate spouse, who defends the place of the spouse in expatriation, with an innovative vision on learning French related to the needs of expatriate spouses.


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Administrative assistance: because administration is a French word, and even the French need help to understand how it works!

Talents of the month: discover the expatriate spouses we met and who inspired us by their journey! Congratulations for these opportunities

Our Absolutes tell their stories: the Absolutes are the learners of Absolutely French.

They tell us about their expatriation, their vision of Paris, of France, their desires, their best plans in Paris...

And finally: French because Absolutely French is the first French school dedicated to the spouses of expatriates. We have a lot of good advice for learning French: books to have, vocabulary...

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